Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Cabinets - Finally!!

I haven't updated the blog lately so here's what ended up happening with the cabinets... The cabinet company offered Julia a refund on the deposit she'd put down, so she took it and hired the contractor she'd lined up. His name is Vladimir and he is my HERO! Seriously. Julia brought him over last Monday to take measurements and look at the space.

He said that he could not build the same cabinets because he doesn't have the equipment and machinery involved in creating the kind of glossy finish we were going to go with before. But he said he could build them out of a walnut veneer plywood pretty cost effectively. So we said OK.

Anyways, that was last Monday. Julia said she'd get back to me in a day or two to let me know the timeframe, etc. Well, I didn't hear back so I gave her a call last Thursday to find out. I was expecting her to say like two or three weeks (or more). I was shocked -- SHOCKED, I say -- when she said, "Oh, I'm sorry -- I thought I already called you! The cabinets should be done this week and they will be installed some time next week."

Now, I've learned not to believe such words, so I was pretty skeptical. But I got the call today that Vladimir would be coming by with the cabinets and would install them this afternoon. I was so excited!! I'm still kind of in disbelief. It's been such a long ordeal that I didn't even really believe it until Vladimir actually arrived with the cabinets and moved them into my condo. They look fantastic -- he did a great job. Not only did he complete them quickly, but he also added some features that we didn't request (and I don't care if he charges extra since I ain't paying a cent above the amount I'd committed to on the original cabinets--thanks to the designers!) like a pull-out drawer below the sink; two extra upper "cube" compartments; and two low, flat drawers instead of one deep drawer. The last feature was especially thoughtful, because I had just mentioned totally off hand that I hadn't had a good silverware drawer before when he came over last Monday.

Anyway, Vladimir totally saved the day!! And after the cabinets are installed, Luis will be able to install the appliances, countertop, sink, and finish mudding and painting. Yes!! I see the light at the end of the tunnel! Now I just need to borrow a digital camera so I can start taking some pics!!

One more little update: We won't be able to film in my condo for the Halloween party, but I was able to get the TV crew to throw in a free day of daycare for Sidney tomorrow so that they can film me putting some Halloween outfits on him when I go pick him up. Yes, we are getting a taste of the good life and all the freebies that celebs manage to get vendors to throw at them!!!

Oh, and speaking of TV: I was watching "The Wire" not too long ago on DVD and they showed some crackheads squatting in this abandoned building with mattresses and a bunch of crap all piled into this room and dust all over the place. It was kind of shocking how similar it looked to the room that Sidney and I are currently living in.


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