Friday, August 18, 2006

The Destruction

So I've fallen behind on my posting... Here are some photos from the demolition process.

The kitchen... Even in this state, it's an improvement over what was there since the appliances were barely even functional.

And here's where they've taken out a piece of drywall to "open" up the space. Unfortunately, we also hit our first cost overrun: we didn't know about those two conduits (I guess that's what those wire things are called anyway), so now I need to call an electrician. OOPS!

So here is a picture of the demolition of the parquet flooring... It turned out to be a bitch and a half to tear out because of whatever crap material they put under the parquet. It took 2 days longer to remove than the contractors planned. Plus they had to rent a special machine to get it all out.

"It's a simple project, so there shouldn't be any surprises..." No surprises, MY ASS!


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