Sunday, August 06, 2006

The "Before"

Here are some "before" pictures... Let me say first that I love the building I live in. The Colonial Grand Pacific has an interesting history. It is actually comprised of two separate buildings that were originally constructed in 1899 and 1901. The two buildings were renovated and conjoined in the 1980s. (This was after a period of disrepute--from about the 1920s until the 1980s, the two buildings were vacant... except for the transients, crackheads, and hookers.) And the building is really cool because each of the units has been completely remodeled and renovated since then and they all have their own distinct character. Some owners really embraced the period detailing and kept to a Victorian style, while other owners have turned their units into more classic-contemporary condos. A couple of people have gone really eclectic.

When I bought my unit, it was described to me as a "blank slate." And it's true--pretty much nothing has been done to it since the last renovation in the 1980s. It is kind of sad that I have the only crappy unit in the building, but it was kind of cool to buy something knowing that I was going to take it apart and build it back up again the way that I want it...

First, my favorite feature... The restored arched window is really the focal point of the living room. I don't have much of a view, so at least the window itself is nice to look at.

The current kitchen... Ugly white laminate cabinets. WHO ever thought these looked good?!! CLEARLY, someone the style gods didn't smile upon!!

The entry way--I HATE this closet door. So hideous!

And in this picture you get a closet up of two features I despise. The carpet (carpet = gross!), wood trim (with Sidney's special treatment).

Unfortunately, my pictures of the crappy ass parquet flooring didn't come out. I think they literally broke my camera... (You can kinda see the parquet in the first picture of the kitchen. But I wouldn't strain myself trying to get a look-see. Trust me when I say it's hideous.)


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