Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Move

It's been kind of a hellish week.

First, I got back from Prague last Saturday night... Then after recovering for one day, I spent the week easing back into work, grading exams, and thinking about packing my place up in preparation for the remodel. I'd gotten a good start on packing before I left for Prague, but there was still a lot to be done upon my return... And with some relatives in from out of town, I wasn't real motivated to get much packing done during the week.

So today was my big packing and moving day. I was up at 5 a.m., anxious to get my move on. So I worked for about 3 hours straight and got a lot of crap packed into my bathroom--the only part of my condo that won't be touched by the remodeling process.

Here is a picture from the packing process (six miniature bottles of Becharovka, the Czech national liquor, and a bottle of Romanian wine on the desk in the foreground--souvenirs for my friends that I had to smuggle into the country)...

Here's my bathroom (which I hope to remodel in about 5 years) about a quarter of the way packed. My camera keeps crapping out on me, so none of the fully packed bathroom pictures came out... But imagine the boxes on the counter going all the way to the ceiling and more boxes from the floor to the ceiling on the right side of the toilet... The construction guys will have a path to the toilet and that's about it. If I'd crammed any more into the bathroom, they would have to pee on my boxes and I wouldn't have appreciated it.

After moving all this crap into my bathroom, I moved a bunch of my furniture down into the basement so the moving process would be as efficient as possible when my friends arrived...

So around 10 I caught a bus to Tia, Jerrod, and Aaron's and we went to pick up the truck. They gave us this behemoth truck for some reason that I made Aaron drive. We scared a few pedestrians, but no major incidents... The actual move went smoothly -- we got back to the condo around noon (Rico met us there) and were finished moving everything into Dan and Rico's garage by around one. Afterwards, we went to Red Mill for burgers. :-) Everyone was in good spirits and agreed that of all of our recent moves, my move was the easiest one so far. Unfortunately, I have to move twice, so I don't know how people will be feeling after we move everything back into my place...


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