Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Schedule (Revision 2)

As of August 24, the schedule is as follows:

August 8-11: Demolition, drywall work - completed on the 12th
August 14-18: Flooring installation - completed on the 23rd
August 19: Move furniture back in - REVISED to the 26th (with special thanks to Dan and Rico)
August 20-25: Receive appliances, kitchen cabinets - appliances are still on schedule... the cabinets on the other hand - REVISED to September 26th!! (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!)
August 28-September 1: Install barn door, paint accent walls (I am still skeptical about this timeframe...)
September 26-27: Install kitchen cabinets

Current Status: 26 days behind schedule (and counting)!

Got word from Julia last night--the kitchen cabinets were ordered during the first week of July and were supposed to be delivered within 6 weeks (mid-August), but the delivery is pushed back until the end of September... Julia said that it's because the cabinets are being shipped overseas from China, so the cabinet manufacturer had to delay the shipment until they could fill a whole shipping container. Sheesh.

Oh well. I never have groceries or anything anyway, so as long as I can plug in my toaster and use the refrigerator to house my diet Pepsi, I'll be OK.


Blogger Sue & Mike said...

What's the status, Wendy? Haven't heard from you in a while.
Mike Veseth

6:11 PM  

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