Friday, September 01, 2006

The Progress

So progress has been very slow. I think since the contractors know that the cabinets aren't arriving until the end of September, they figure, "Heck, we're gonna be on this project for at least another month... might as well take our time..." So they've been coming over everyday and working for a few hours and then going on to other jobs. As a result, I come home and the progress is barely noticeable. Yesterday I got home and it was like two baseboards had been put up.

No primer, no paint on the walls... No new sliding door... No closet doors... Unfortunately, I can't move all my crap back to where it belongs since they have all this work to do still. So in the mean time all my furniture and belongings are still piled from floor to ceiling in the bathroom and in my living room. The bed is the only place to sit down and you have to squeeze past a bookshelf to get to it. Then when you do finally sit on the bed, your face is like five inches away from a bookshelf or desk or stack of boxes.

The contractors are nice guys, but I may have to get a little mean... Maybe I'll make Ally call them and pretend to be me, since she's better at being mean.


Blogger Sue & Mike said...

Any news? Any progress?

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