Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Kitchen: Before and After!

So my cabinets are finally, FINALLY completed! After waiting for MONTHS for Knoll to send a sample of the new acrylic material, we determined that the new product was too different to use. It wouldn't transmit enough light, so Julia and Polina decided to go with a plain, translucent acrylic, which I could have bought at any time!! Ugh...

Even though I bitch and moan about this, the Knoll product was way, way more expensive. I would have had to purchase a full sheet, which would have been about $1,000 including tax -- even though I only needed about one-third of a sheet. The plain ol' acrylic I ended up with looks great and cost... only $165! And I was able to buy just the amount I needed! So I guess it worked out in the end.

So here is the BEFORE picture...

And here is the AFTER!

Vladimir came over and he did a great job installing the cabinet doors -- check out the creative cabinet pulls. He basically drilled a hole into the acrylic, so you can pull them open with your fingers. Julia came up with this idea so we could minimize hardware costs. And I liked it because it's so unique (and cheap). Here's a close-up of the cabinets...

It is a great relief to be done. I took today off of work so I could put everything away and get things a little more squared away in my kitchen. It is nice to finally have drawers for my silverware!!


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